Fausca Uwingabire

RWANDA Country Advisor

Fausca Uwingabire, Country Advisor in Rwanda

Fausca Uwingabire has  10 years in training of trainers in participatory approaches where she assisted in the preparation of training tools and mobilization behavior change in WASH sector. She has  worked on CBEHPP /CHC, PHAST,  CARE International, Agro Action Allemande, UNICEF Rwanda, Clinton Foundation Ministry of Health, Red Cross Rwanda, Icyuzuzo Association, Plan international in Madagascar, World Bank in Benin and CREPA in Burkina Faso. As monitoring and evaluation lecturer  she has conducted the project base line research and evaluation assessment.

As one of the group of Core National Trainers originally trained by Dr. Waterkeyn for the start up of CBEHPP in Rwanda (2010), she has since conducted many training workshops to replicate the CHC approach in many districts. She joined Africa AHEAD for the last year of the Randomised Control Trial, first as Programme Manager and then as Country Director, co-ordinating research of the monitoring data represented in the response paper. She remains in  Rwanda as senior lecturer and is available for training workshops in the region.

Languages: English, French, Kirwanda


Waterkeyn, J., Waterkeyn, A., Uwingabire, F.. Pantoglou, J., Ntakarutimana A., Mbirira M., Katabarwa J., Bigirimana Z., Cairncross S., Cater R. (2020).  The value of monitoring data in a process evaluation of hygiene behaviour change in Community Health Clubs to explain findings from a cluster-randomised controlled trial in Rwanda. BMC Public Health 20, 98.