Extension of Hand Washing Campaign – Unicef

Name of programme: Extension of Hand washing Campaign at bs Terrmini in Harare

Details of Programme:

District: Harare Urban
Suburbs: Mbare, Glen Nora, Glen View, Budiriro
Beneficiaries: 324,000 travellors
Church CHCs: 50
Market CHCs: 5
Number of CHC Members: approx. 550
Number of staff: 24
Public toilets upgraded and manned: 10
Cost of Project: Euro 355,417
Cost per Beneficiary: US$ 1

Objective of Programme:

Due to the success of our initial cholera response project, funded by ACF, in Harare in 2018, Africa AHEAD was contracted by UNICEF and a Program Cooperation Agreement (PCA) was signed to continue with the activities in Harare for a further 6 months until end of May 2019.
The organization re-engaged the 16 hygiene promoters, mobilized our vehicles and 5 drivers, 1 M&E officer and 1 Program Development Officer, 1 WASH Program Manager, 1 WASH Officer and Admin and Finance intern were also supported. This increased our staff to a total of 29 members.
The project provided health and hygiene promotion messages and improving handwashing access to the commuting public in Harare CBD, Mbare terminus, the cholera hot spots of Glen Norah, Glen View and Budiriro high density suburbs of Harare.

Achievements to Date:

In Glen Norah Churches were assisted to start CHCs to spread the message about cholera. All public toilets in the Bus termini and suburbs were renovated and kept clean, serviced by the CHC members who took an active role.
The project also established CHCs in 5 public markets in the high density suburbs for the regular fruit and vegetable sellers to join enabling women sellers in particular to be a part of the solution and assist in clean ups and control of toilets, so spreading public awareness of cholera transmission. Washing fruit and keeping their own hands clean may also contribute to fighting the transmission of cholera.