Community Health clubs can green their area working as an effective group to avert soil erosion and deforestation.

Replanting Indigenous Trees:

Working with the government agricultural extension officers, club members collect local indigenous trees and make seed nurseries to ensure future replanting of trees to prevent deforestation. Wood lots of gum trees can be planted if suitable. Every member must have more or more types of fruit trees. This can be a means of earning carbon offsetting funds from the developed nations.

Bee Keeping

We encourage our CHC members to  keep their own wild bees as best practice in farming. Not only can they earn from sale of honey but ‘bees need trees’ to get pollen. Thus is encourages people  to plant more trees to encourage more wild bees, which also help to stimulate crop pollination. Other spin off home industries from honey production are manufacture of bee hives, smokers and bee protective gear.