Self Supply of Protected Family Wells

Name of programme: Self Supply of protected family wells through Community Health Clubs

Donor: Drink & Donate

Partners: SKAT Foundation

Dates: June 2018 – July 2019

Area: Makoni District, wards 5,6,7,19,20.

Budget: US$ 41,800

Number of CHCs: 25

Number of nutrition gardens &  protected wells: 80

Number of CHC members: 1,500

Number of Beneficiaries:  9,375

Cost per beneficiary: US$4.45

Objective of Programme: to demonstrate the effectiveness of the CHC Approach to promote self suppply of productive family wells. 

Achievements to Date: The objective has been achieved with all 80 CHCs being actively engaged in self improvments to their WASH facilities as well as starting nutrition gardens as a result of having a function borehole within their grounds. In total 7 Environmental Health technicians were trained to supervise the comunity properly, suppporting 19 builders (9 over the target). The fact that the project was led by one part time project officer demonstrated how   self sufficient the CHC were, which  enabled members to manage their own affairs. All 80 water points were rehabilitated giving safe water to 439 households with 2,698 people benefitting. The proof of this approach is that an additional 10 boreholes were rehabilitated by the trained builders without any support (another 250 households). In this the 2nd phase of the project the 25 original CHCs were trained as Food Agriculture and Nutrition Clubs and all started nutrition gardens, benfitting 9,375 people providing them with a balanced diet during a period of severe hardship and food shortage in the country.