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Organisation Enrollment for Training Courses

Group booking: How to use a coupon code
  1. Remember your coupon code: If your training course has been paid by another person, the payee will be sent a code to allow the agreed number of participants to attend without paying themselves. e.g. A Code will look like this: Transfer International/11/2021The coupon code is linked to one  specific course that was purchased for you by your organization.
  2.  Proceed to the shopping card and payment page: If you have been given a coupon / access code for a specific course, continue to the checkout for payment and add the code where indicated instead of paying. This will enable you to register without paying.  
  3. Find you group: Your organisation will allocate each participant to a  physical group linked to a certain email / computer screen. Maximum 5 per email. 
  4. The Group Leader: The owner of the email must be a Project Officer or senior management: i.e. be computer savy,  speak English and be prepared to translate the training and facilitate the session in the local language to those in his/her group
  5. Log on and register: This Group Leader  will logon using the coupon code which is restricted to one  email address using the Coupon code 
  6. Get online before the Course starts: The registration and login for each email must be done before the start of the course.
  7. Attendance Register: The Group Leader will keep an accurate account of attendance of the Group
  8. Certification: Only those who attend every session will get a certificate.
  9. Help: Please email directors@africaahead.com if you need any help.
  10. Communication: Start a Whatsup group with your participants and Africa AHEAD for notifications