Dr.Lara Allen

As Juliet Waterkeyn’s  sister,  Dr. Lara Allen, was one of the original founders of Africa AHEAD, when the organisation  was first registered in South Africa in 2005. As an ethnomusicologist  with a doctorate from Cambridge University, her assistance was invaluable  in editing and advising on our academic papers and theses. When she became a senior lecturer in 2006 at Wits University  in Johannesburg, she was quick to realise how the CHC concept would be useful in her own project on the edge of  Kruger National Park, where she was  the manager of an ecological programme for the university which was stimulating local community to improve their health and well being. Moving to the UK, in 2014, to become Director of the Humanitarian Centre in Cambridge, she was a frequent advisor to the Board of Trustees in the UK, and offered the facilities of the Humanitarian Centre  for the use of Africa AHEAD. She is always on the look out for opportunities to link Africa AHEAD to other research programmes associated with Cambridge University and is a real advocate for the CHC Approach.