The following are Text Books or Chapters within in published books on the subject of the CHC Model:


Hygiene Behaviour Change through the Community Health Club Approach: a cost effective strategy to achieve the Millennium Developments Goals for improved Sanitation in Africa.

Lambert Academic Publishing. Germany. ISBN: 978-3-8383-4491-1

Waterkeyn, J. (2010)

This is the first publication on the CHC Model based on the PhD Research of the architect of the approach.

District Health Promotion using the Consensus Approach.

WELL/DFID/ London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Waterkeyn, J.

This 25 page manual is a guideline for those planners looking for a practical methodology for conducting a health promotion project at District Level. The focus is primarily on applying this approach to rural areas; however the approach is still applicable to an urban setting. The manual takes approximately 1 ½ hours to read and is divided into three main sections.

1. Thinking globally

2. Acting Locally

3.The Consensus Approach

Guidance on communication with respect to safe drinking water and household hygiene

Literature review, interviews and case studies

John Hopkins & Cranfield University

World Health Organisation

Case Study 5 – Community Health Clubs in Zimbabwe.p.36

Case Study 6 – Community Health Clubs in Sierra Leone p.37

Case Study 8 – Community Health Clubs in Northern Uganda p.39

Case Study 19 – Cholera Outbreaks in South Africa. p.50

Case Study 20 – Cholera Outbreaks in Zimbabwe  p.51