This page is for donors and funding Agencies, and lists projects which have been requested by communities

If you are interested in the concept note or full proposal for any of the proposals below or an adaptation for our own area, please contact CEO, Dr Juliet Waterkeyn:



National Community Based Environmental Health Promotion Programme:

As outlined in recent national policies, MoHCW is seeking to  start  CHC in every village in the country based on the Rwandan experience. They are requesting  Zimbabwe  AHEAD to train all EHTs throughout Zimbabwe in a roll out of training for the whole country. October 2013

Cholera Mitigation through a Buffer zone of CHCs along Zimbabwe and  Mozambique border

Building on recent projects in Manicaland this is requested by District authorities to  prepare for the threat of cholera that is endemic in  Mozambique, spreading annually into Zimbabwe we seek  to establish a buffer zone along the Eastern Highlands with high density of Community Health Clubs on both sides of the border. This would entail filling the gaps in Chimanimani and Chipinge Districts where there are already 345 CHCs started in the past few years. October 2013

Promoting Women Enterpreneurs  in CHCs in Zimbabwe

The initiative aims to establish a network of self-sustaining, health focused community enterprises and involves the marrying of health education, appropriate product supply and self–sustainability to achieve viable, holistic, community wellness. This model designed by Engage, a South African company pioneering social entreprises through digital marketing, establishes a focal point for wellness within the community, around which activities for the promotion of community health and wellness are centered. The enterprises will be based around existing Community Health Clubs established by Africa AHEAD in the past 2 years. November 2013

Community Action to Minimise Stunting  (CAMS): 

To enable 340 Community Health Clubs to take responsibility for infant and child care: to monitor child growth systematically each week, provide support to pregnant mothers and and ensure safe child care.  CHCs are encouraged to start  saving schemes, construct demonstration play areas at the CHC venues and in the homes to minimize  Environmental Enteropathy, run creches, and start up and maintain nutrition gardens  with minimal external assistance and material inputs.   November 2014         


School Health Club Programme:

Ministry of Health in conjunction with Africa AHEAD is currently running a CHC programme in Rusizi District, in the far south of Rwanda on the border with DRC and Burundi. The training in the community was completed in September 2014 when 50 CHCs graduated. To reinforce gains that have been made in hygiene we plan to  back up the CHC training with School Health Clubs in the same villages, to ensure that children as well as adults practice  minimal standards to lead a healthy and productive life. We are therefore proposing to start School Health Clubs in 50 villages in Rusizi District. This will involve 12,500 school children in an estimated  2500 households. July 2014

Strengthening the implementation and monitoring of the Community Based Environmental Health Promotion Programme

5 targeted Districts of Rwanda, by training and capacity building local district staff.  The estimated total cost of the intervention is US$1,280,000 but with  1,5 million  beneficiaries, this would amount to only US$ 0.80  per beneficiary. November 2014



Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) all have one thing in common: they are public health threats that need buy-in from the whole community in order that they are eradicated. We are seeking to use  Community Health Clubs, which are so effective in the WASH Sector in achieving high levels of hygiene behavior change, to provide a social mechanism for the detection and treatment of all preventable diseases, including NTDs.

Our intention in this project is to extend our current 20 weeks of training in 75 existing CHCs, by adding another 10 sessions to include Bilharzia, Soil Transmitted Helminths, Malaria, Scabies and Ring worm, Trachoma, Onchocerciasis (River Blindness), Lymphatic filiariasis (elephantitis), Guinea Worm,  the newly identified threat of Ebola, as well as Environmental Enteropathy responsible for stunting in early childhood. This study will test the efficacy of the CHC approach to engender self reporting for treatment of NTDs. November, 2014



CHC programme on Angolan border to prevent spread of cholera. February 2012



MoH requests development of national programme and start up in 5 districts. July 2013


MoHS requests development of national training package and scale up. Feb 2014


WASH Consortium  have requested training from Africa AHEAD to  start up demonstration project in one district. 2013


AA was requested by political leaders of two new Counties (Kericho & Siaya) for replication of Rwanda’s CBEHPP (both urban and rural CHC model).