Launching our CHC monitoring website

Click here for a quick tour of our monitoring website 

This is a 3 minute video which gives you a tour of the new website which has just been launched which serves as a online platform for Community  Health Clubs to be registered and monitored.

The site provides the following:

  • The ability to track, monitor, evaluate & present your CHC Programme Data
  • A webpage for each CHC, with basic information, as well as photos and peer review by visitors
  • You can collect raw data via our integrated mobile data collection tools
  • Generate charts and visualisations for your data presentations
  • Make a data story to share publically
  • Presentations of data to share with selected stakeholders

Evaluation Topics:

We focus on twelve main themes:
Water Source
Drinking Water
Hand Washing
Personal Hygiene
Malaria Protection
Child Care
Public Safety