Case Studies are short records of individual Community Health Club Projects. Each Case study has a 2 page summary print out and a powerpoint presentation which can be downloaded.

Zero Open Defecation (ZOD)

See how one small NGO in Zimbabwe with 30 staff trained  430 Community Based facilitators resulting in 44,444 community health clubs members in one year, achieving Zero Open Defecation (ZOD) in most areas improving the lives of  171,445 people at S$5 pp.

2014. Waterkeyn J. ZOD and CHCs

Real 'community led total sanitation'

In 2012, Zim AHEAD in partnership with ACF aimed to achieve blanket coverage of members in a CHC in two districts of Zimbabwe (Gutu and Mberengwa) and after less than a year achieved some of the highest levels of behaviour change across a raft of hygiene practices.

2013.1. ACF _AHEAD_Community Health Clubs

Sanitation Self Supply in Zimbabwe

Chimanimani District in Zimbabwe has responded to CHCs like no other areas, constructing an unprecedented number of latrines i this mountainous border area, without subsidy, lining pits with rocks. This needs to be seem to be believed!

2013.10.USAID_AHEAD_ Chimanimani CHCs

Reducing diarrhoea with CHCs in Asia

If you are wondering if CHCs can work in Asia, check this paper to see how Vietnamese responded to the CHC Model, singing their way to better home hygiene.


2009_Vietnam CHC_JW

Solid Waste control in Slums

Looking for a small case study of urban CHCs in Africa? This small pilot of CHC north of Durban in South Africa provides a pointer to the way to handle solid waste and ablutions blocks in informal settlements.

Paper: 2010_WISA_eThekwini
Presentation:  2010_Grey Water Reuse_TG

Water self supply in Rural S. Africa

The rural areas of Kwa Zulu Natal provide an indication as to how CHC would be ideal for improving hygiene and sanitation even in relatively well off south Africa.

2009. SA KZN Case Study

Sanitation uptake in IDP camps

The IDP Camps in Northern Uganda were some of the most challenging areas to achieve sanitation until we started 120 CHCs in 15 IDP Camps in 2003. Within 8 months over 11,000 latrines were constructed and much more!


Cholera Mitigation

Cholera is a public health threat that needs high levels of community cooperation to control.  In a high density suburb of Mutare, Zimbabwe cholera was contained by 50 CHCs with over 5,000 members who cleaned up the place and left the Council speechless!

Case Study: 2009. Zim Cholera Case Study

Classic CHC in Zimbabwe

One of the earliest CHC Projects in Makoni and Tsholotsho District in Zimbabwe illustrates how cost-effective a CHC progamme can be, providing a bench mark for future CHC programmes.

2003_WEDC_ Cost Effective Health Promotion_JW

Full paper: 2005 _WEDC_JW.pdf