2014 WWW – AA – MoH

CONFERENCE: World Water Week – Africa AHEAD Side Event

YEAR: 2014

AUTHORS:  Ngabo.F,  Ndiro. A. Waterkeyn J.   

PRESENTER: Arno Rosemarin (SEI)

TITLE: Hygiene Behaviour Change through CBEHPP in Rwanda


ABSTRACT:  The Community Based Environmental Health Promotion Programme was stated in 2009, and by 2017 hopes to have active CHCs in every one of the 14,860 villages in the country. At present 40% have been trained. The presentation explains this programme and how it works. It is alternative to the name and shame process of CLTS and is more suitable to Rwanda where healing after genocide is important. It is an integrated programme involving four ministries, and the programme has a cell structure from national to village level. The membership card is the key to the programme and there are 20 membership card. It shows outstanding changes in behaviour change of ten golden indicators within 3 months. The presenter says ‘if all citizens knew about this programme and practiced the recommendations, the world would be a different place.’ The programme builds capacity and many indicators of increase of social capital. The CBEHPP is the reason Rwanda is one of the few countries that have reached the MDG targets.