CHC Seminar at Stockholm World Water Week

Africa AHEAD in conjunction with the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) is convening a seminar on Sunday morning, 31st August,  2014, – while everyone is fresh and enthusiastic, the day before the main World Water Week Conference starts. If you are wanting some concrete examples of sustainable development, join us for: ‘Securing Water, Energy, Sanitation and Livelihoods through Consensus: How Community Health Clubs Work.” The  presentations from leading development practitioners, will emphasis how the elusive gains in WASH Projects can be sustained and integrated with other vital sectors, such as energy and the effects of climate change on subsistence communities. This seminar  addresses the ‘Post 2015 Development Agenda and Goals’, with a view to providing some tangible recommendations on the way forward for the WASH sector in the next decade. Take advantage of this opportunity to get fully appraised of the potential of the CHC Model with case studies from current CHC programmes in Rwanda, Zimbabwe and Uganda. To join us,  register online for the seminar which is part of the conference, with ‘early bird’ registration until June 30th. We look forward to a lively discussion. For more information, see  the World Water Week  programme page 13.