Zimbabwe, Chiredzi Rural

  • Country: Zimbabwe
  • Period: 2008-2009
  • Donor: European Union
  • Partner: Mercy Corps
  • Province: Masvingo
  • District: Chiredzi
  • 5 Wards:
  • Number of Villages: 30
  • Number of households:
  • Number of CHCs: 30
  • Number of Members: approx. 300
  • Number of CHC facilitators: 30
  • Number of beneficiaries: 18,000
  • Cost of Project: US$29,191
  • Cost per beneficiary: US$ 1.62

HERB GARDENS: Training in growing and use of Herbs was done in 2008 and there are now 70 Herb growers who train other women in medicinal remedies.


A total of  30 FAN clubs have been established in Chiredzi. The project target has been achieved and the club methodology  accepted and easily replicated by each facilitator in the formation of new clubs.


Although it is difficult to resist the demand for new clubs,  it is felt that it is better to concentrate on the strengthening the existing clubs. Demands for new clubs are being raised by Village Heads in areas left out in the project wards and especially in those areas which were hard hit by the cholera outbreaks in the past rainy season .  Chipinge RDCs have also recommended the expansion of the FAN clubs in other wards. But the project cannot sustain such activity due to budgetary constraints.


2009 Annual Report

Management Training

The CHC  and Garden committees are also being trained in their roles and responsibilities. This is to harmonise the activities of the two committees with an umbrella committee being established at ward level. A monitoring and reporting system is being introduced. This is part of the exit strategy to capacitate the community which will enable FAN clubs to sustain the projects as the project comes to an end, and ensure long term food security.