Zimbabwe, Chipinge Town

Small Towns Hygiene Promotion and Capacity building Project

The Objective of the project is to reduce morbidity and mortality through provision of hygiene promotion to people affected by diarrhoeal disease.                      

The project was essentially to coordinate community with local town council so as improve the environment and ensure safe water and sanitation in this urban area. This involved 14   Ward Project awareness  meetings, two          School  meetings and a Training of Trainers Workshop. In total  512   Sessions done up to 30/04/13 of which 127  Sessions had been monitored by the project officer and environmental health team. 

  • Country: Zimbabwe
  • Period: November  2012 – September, 2013
  • Donor: Unicef WASH Fund/ DFID
  • Partner: ACF / Local Authority
  • Province: Manicaland
  • District:  Chipinge Urban
  • 8 Wards:
  • Number of households: 2,144  




  • Number of  CHCs: 29 CHCs
  • Number of Market place clubs: 12
  • Number of school health clubs: 10
  • Number of Members: 2,144 (Males 220, Females 1924)
  • Percentage CHC coverage:
  • Number of EHTs:
  • Number of CHC facilitators: 30 Community facilitators & 11 school health masters
  • Number of beneficiaries: 25,676
  • Cost of Project: US$134,000
  • Cost per beneficiary:  US$5.2

Cleaning of two Business centres, Chinheya in ward 4 and Dzonzai in ward 2.

Clean up campaigns have been done in four wards (2, 3, 5 and 6) and were very successful with all club members in these wards participating and even non club members were tempted to join these campaigns. The refuse removed was approximately 29 tonnes.

A WASH Fund was set up with some of the clubs contributing towards costs of maintenance. Once a week the two clubs involved cleaned up around the water sources.

Reference: 2012- 2013 Annual Report p.12

A highlight was the initiative taken by one club who contributed money and raised funds and  purchased tea cups so that each member got three cups. This is to encourage people not to share cups, but to have their own. This is a new practice introduced so as to minimise spread of TB.      Appreciation from Chipinge Rural District Council

To Zimbabwe AHEAD:

 May we take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful work you did in the last project and for the cordial working relationship which both enjoy.

Community Services Officer

For Chief Executive Officer