Zimbabwe, Chimanimani

  • Country: Zimbabwe
  • Period: October 2012 – September, 2013
  • Donor: USAID – OFDA
  • Partner: Zimbabwe AHEAD
  • Province: Manicaland
  • District: Chimanimani
  • 5 Wards: 13,16,21,22 and 23
  • Number of Villages: 335
  • Number of households: 4,662
  • Number of CHCs: 335
  • Number of Members: 4,662
  • Percentage CHC coverage:
  • Number of EHTs: 3
  • Number of CHC facilitators: 76
  • Number of beneficiaries: 23,776
  • Cost of Project: US$125,000
  • Cost per beneficiary: US$ 5.25

Participatory Health and Hygiene Sessions (PHHE)

By May 2013, PHHE sessions were in full progress in  all wards with the earliest CHCs having completed the  5th session of water sources out of the 20 sessions.

Hygiene outcomes:  As usual Canaan has stimulated outstanding response from the community and  within 4 months the following has been constructed:

  • 496 Household hand wash facilities (See above photo)
  • 927 refuse pits
  • 927 Pot racks
  • 794 temporary toilets have been constructed in the 5 wards of Chimanimani


2012- 2013 Zimbabwe AHEAD Annual Report

Exceptional sanitation response

It is noted that the demand for sanitation is increasing in Chimanimani. EHTs are now teaming up in pegging of latrine pits in the villages. In ward 22 alone, 62 latrines have been pegged and 21 pits have been dug and await lining. Club members are contributing money towards the purchase of cement and working in groups to dig the toilet pits and mould bricks. Club members in ward 27 in Chipinge are purchasing cement for the construction of enabling facilities at the club venues and for constructing latrines at their homes thus introducing the idea of a permanent venue which is  a milestone towards sustainability. This is one such indicator that shows the acceptance of the program. The EHTs in Chimanimani have started ward based training of CBFs on how to site and peg the toilets as a means of rationalizing the workload due to high demand from the communities.


Demand led sanitation