Amans Ntakarutimana


Amans Ntakarutimana, Director of Programmes, Rwanda
Amans Ntakarutimana,

Amans Ntakarutima is an Environmental Health  Researcher   in Community Health Education with over 17 years of field experience  working in community based interventions in rural and urban communities in Rwanda, Burundi and DRC. Since 2009, he has been Principal Investigator to improve Environmental Health/WASH Services in Rwanda in collaboration with Ministry of Education and University of Rwanda, Unicef Rwanda, UNESCO, UNITAR, International Institute of Burkina Faso, Stockholm Environment Institute and Walden University (USA).

He joined Africa AHEAD in 2013 as Programme Manager in Rusizi District during the Gates funded Randomised Control Trial  and conducted his own parrellel research in the same CHCs, which he is now using for his PhD  thesis entitled, ‘Bridging the gap between Community Health Policy and Practice’  currently beeing completed at Walden Unversity, Minnesota, USA.

He single-handedly replicated the CHC Model in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in a small project where Africa AHEAD was partnering with Tearfund, in a consortium funded by DfiD. Personally putting himself at extreme risk in a country largely beyond the rule of law, he was successful in demonstrating the power of CHC to rebuild community and change hygiene and sanitation behaviour in one of the most extreme environments in Africa, and for this dedication beyond the call of duty, he was  awarded our Directors Award in 2016 and is a valuable asset as an Associate of Africa AHEAD.

Languages: French, English, Kirundi, Kirwanda.

Curriculum Vitae: Click here for full CV 


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