AHEAD Resource Centre

Zimbabwe AHEAD is all set to go ahead with the building of an AHEAD Resource Centre (ARC) to ensure the long term sustainability of the organisation and enable many of the skills which we have been desseminating to the community to be permenantly demonstrated at a easily accessible venue close to Harare.

Co-founders  Anthony and  Juliet Waterkeyn were impressed with the  beautiful setting, 8 hectares of good land bordered by spectacular Rocky kopjie  which has been kindly donated for the Centre by the Country Director.  The ARC will be similar in concept to the WET centres run by CAWST in Zambia and Tanzania, and all the staff are excited at the plans that have been agreed.

Ten thousand locally made bricks have been secured for the ARC and are ready on site for the first fowl run and care-taker accommodation. The centre will be managed by Andrew, the Programs Manager.

Canaan Makusha, Orphan Hamiton and other hired casual laborers will be contracted to start building. The centre will start with a poultry project (a fowl run to hold 2000 broilers and a gazebo for staff quarters). It is projected that we will raise funds gradually to set up a training room, offices and model development technologies for community development demonstrating purposes.

Of priority will be concepts like rainwater harvesting, sanitation technologies, water abstraction technologies among a list of other health and hygiene enabling facilities.