Aggrippa  Chingono

Aggrippa  Mufudzi  Chingono is currently the WASH Program Manager having joined Africa AHEAD in 2017 under the SIDA/ACF funded WASH program as a WASH Engineer. He has extensive experience which has seen him hold senior positions in the WASH sector spanning 18 years in public, private and NGO sector. Aggrippa’s first port of call was Stewards and Lloyd Water Engineers where he was employed as Design Water Engineer with extensive travel in Manicaland Province implementing irrigation and gravity water schemes. His first encounter with Community Health Clubs was way back in 2006 whilst working as a Provincial Water Engineer under DDF in Manicaland with Juliet Waterkeyn conducting the week long training in Chipinge District. He has since worked for both Local and International NGO among them Caritas Mutare, Africa AHEAD and ACF .The wealth of experience includes implementation of major and minor WASH projects in rural, urban, developmental and emergency works in almost all Provinces of Zimbabwe. After a brief stint with AA in 2017 Aggrippa returned in January 2019 again where with the Executive Director they were instrumental in engaging with UNICEF. He became the first WASH Program Manager under the UNICEF funded project in Harare under the cholera project. He currently heads the UNICEF funded Urban WASH Resilience in Gwanda and Chipinge.

Aggrippa has brought the organization closer in terms of hardware activities and this has seen the organization easily being recognized as being competent in activities such as bore hole drilling, solar pump installations, rehabilitation and construction of public toilets. He is based in Harare where apart from normal programming he is key in proposal development working closely the ED and Financial section. Aggrippa has written a thesis on CHC Investigation of the impact of the community health clubs approach on health in rural communities- A case of Ward 19 in Mberengwa District in partial fulfilment of the Post Graduate Diploma of Water Supplies and Sanitation.

Aggrippa is currently working on another thesis on CHC – Understanding the role of Community Health Clubs in WASH in enhancing resilience of at risk communities to hazards: A case of Chipinge District in partial fulfilment of the MSc Disaster Management. He holds several qualifications that include a degree, B-Technology in Water Resources Engineering (NUST), Post Grad Diploma Water Supplies and Sanitation (IWSD) and National Diploma in Civil Engineering (Water Supply).