Welcome to Africa AHEAD

The Sustainable Development Goals 

The ‘SDGs’ consist of 17 global goals designed to be a “blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all”.
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Africa AHEAD can meet each of the following SDGs.  Click on each SDG to find out more
SDG.1. No Poverty  
SDG. 2. Zero Hunger 
SDG.3. Good Health 
SDG.4. Quality Education
SDG.5. Gender Equality 
SDG.6. Clean Water and Sanitation 
SDG.7. Sustainable Environment

Africa A.H.E.A.D

(Applied Health Education, Agriculture  & Development) 
A.H.E.A.D is an integrated community development model which targets many SDGs. 
 Community Health Clubs (CHC)
AHEAD is a 4 phase process of holistic & integrated development
Africa AHEAD originated the CHC approach over 25 years ago in Zimbabwe, where our headquarters are still based.
We offer online training to other organisations in how to start up and train Community Health Clubs to meet the SDGs.