Africa AHEAD Association

Africa AHEAD Association (AAA) is a sister organisation of Africa AHEAD Zimbabwe, based in Cape Town, South Africa.

The Objective

The objective of AAA is to enable the replication, adaptation and  dissemination of the Community Health Club Approach, particularly in Africa but also encourage the adaptation of the CHC approach to other regions, supporting other organisations with training and communication tools to improve the health of communities in diverse setting through the safe management of water, sanitation and hygiene leading to fully functional self sufficient communities.


Africa AHEAD Association is a consultancy group coordinated by the two pioneers  of the CHC Approach,  Dr. Juliet Waterkeyn (CEO from 2013-2016) and Mr. Anthony Waterkeyn (CEO from 2016-2019).

The Founders have a number of Associates who are available as consultants to represent the organisation, as tried and tested practitioners with long experience in the Community Health Club Methodology.


Country Representatives work with  Associated Trainers to build capacity of  NGOs and governments in their region to scale up the CHC methodology.