Direct Implementation

Africa AHEAD has the capacity to implement project directly based out of two main hubs in Harare, Zimbabwe and Kigali, Rwanda.

Our staff are some of the most experienced practitioners in Africa in relation to long hands on implementation of Community Health Clubs. Our strength is in the quality and dedication of our personnel.

We are able to handle large scale programmes and work to deliver a high response rate from every community health club in terms of levels of hygiene behaviour change of at least 20% but up to 80%. We are also able to create a demand for sanitation and construct latrines with no subsidy, thus ensuring sustainability.

Typically we like to work at scale: this means we have no less than 50 CHCs in a project and can process up to as many as 500 CHCs per year. In this way we can be ost effective and ensure a cost of no more than US$5 per beneficiary.