Bridges of Hope

Bridges of Hope Training – South Africa 

In 2014, Africa AHEAD initiated a partnership with Bridges of Hope Training to deliver programmes using the CHC methodology which include elements on social and behaviour change communication around wellness and HIV-related issues. We can supply the CHC Manual and Tool kits developed in conjunction with Ministry of Health and Unicef.

Bridges of Hope Training – Introduction 2014 (1)

The Bridges of Hope Training 3-times global award winning programme offers an innovative participatory training methodology, which enables participants to address a wide range of wellness and HIV-related issues, linking health-seeking behaviours to realizing life goals and aspirations.  The training activities are designed to ‘touch the heart, not just the head’, and are highly effective with non-literate as well as literate groups.  They actively engage participants in a way that enables them to internalise the messages, and apply them in a practical way to their own situation, at individual, family and community levels.

Bridges of Hope Training programmes have been delivered throughout Africa and beyond with businesses, government organizations, NGOs, community and faith based organizations to enhance the impact of their wellness and HIV-related training and education programs.  After 9 years based in Zimbabwe and 4 years in Zambia, Bridges of Hope Training is now based in Cape Town.