Blue Planet Network

Blue Planet Network – International Network /USA

In 2013 Africa AHEAD was approved as a partner of the Blue Planet Network of NGOs and is delighted to be able to join this community which seeks to increase water supply through peer reviewed proposals online.

During 2013, there were  107 member NGOs around the world to ensure safe drinking water and sanitation for communities in need. They estimate that 1,447,970 people lives have been transformed by  members’ water and sanitation projects managed and tracked on Blue Planet Network. There were 2,686 communities in 27 countries with clean water or sanitation as a result of member projects on Blue Planet Network. There were 107 water and sanitation member organizations, sharing their results and insights to improve each other’s work and an estimated $50,000,000 were raised for this network.  Africa AHEAD  though the partnership with ILF (above) was one of those beneficiaries.