Partners are of four main types:

1. Funding Partners:

Agencies and other donors  which provide funds for our projects but have no role in implementation.

DFID, DANIDA, USAID, UN OCHA, OFDA, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, New Zealand Aid, European Union, Big Lottery Fund, Unicef, Oak Foundation, CCPT,  Australian,  Japanese & Belgian Governments.

2. Implementing Partners:

NGOs  which have sub-contracted implementation activities  to us.

OXFAM, CARE International, Mercy Corps, International Medical Council (IMC), Action Contra la Faim (ACF), Save the Children, GRM, ADRA, Blue Planet, Tear Fund, SNV, Medicins Sans Frontier, CNFA, GAA.

3. Capacity Building other NGOs:

Organisations  whose staff we have training, who have purchased our training material or received advisory services from Africa AHEAD.

WaterAid, Effective Interventions, CARE International, International Red Cross (Canada), International Lifeline Fund, IWSD, Practical Action, FCTZ, CRS, GAA,  ACF, SCF, CARE, MedAir, Concern, ADRA, Village Network Africa, Mercy Corps,TearFund among others.

4. Government Stakeholders:

We always implement projects in partnership with the relevant government stakeholder: usually the Ministry of Health, Rural District Council  or Town Council.