Transmission of Diarrhoea

Description of the Training

This topic provides 20 images showing the transmission of diarrhoea by 5 main routes known as the 5 ‘f’s’, namely, flies, faeces, fingers, food and fluid.  The cards are used to help explain this multi-route of transmission and helps to show how these 5 main routes can be blocked by good hygiene (hand washing with soap), safe water and sanitation and control of flies.

How to use Card set  6. ‘Transmission of Diarrhoea’ 

This set can be used in three ways:

  1. A participant holds up the card to the audience and describes what she sees on the card and whether she thinks it is safe  or unsafe practice.
  2. The images can then be sorted into three groups of good, average and bad practices and can be combined with  Card set 10.  Food Hygiene .
  3.  Once the transmission route has been demonstrated the other  cards showing safe practices can be used to block the route.


Facilitator instructions for the topic

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ENGLISH                                                                                    FRENCH


1 Infection by Faeces: Child with diarrhoea Les infections dues aux défecations
2 Infection by mouth: person eating Infection par la bouche; quelqun manger
3 Transmission of diarrhoea through fingers Infection par les doigts des mains sales quand  manger
4 Transmission of diarrhoea through flies Les Infections par les mooches
5 Transmission of diarrhoea through fruit Les infections causes par les fruites sales
6 Transmission of diarrhoea through fluid Les infections causes par l’eau
7 Fingers: Mother wiping child’s bottom Les doits: Mère essuyant le fond de l’enfant
8 Fingers:  Mother preparing food Les doigts: Une femme prepare a manger
9 Fingers: eating together from one plate Les doigts: Manger ensembles avec des mains sales
10 Flies: Family eating on ground with flies Les mooches: La famille mange sur la terre  avec les mouches
11 Flies: flies on faeces Les mouches sur les défecations
12 Flies: on left over food, and dirty plates Les mouches sur les aliments et ustensiles sales
13 Fluid: drinking dirty water De l’eau: boire  de l’eau sale
14 Fluid: poor storage of water De l’eau: mauvaise conservation de l’eau
15 Fruit: Child defecating near fruit tree Les fruits: défecations près des l’arbre de fruit
16 Fruit: Mother collecting fruit from ground Les fruits: Ramasser des fruits par terre
17 Fruit: Mother selling fruit Les fruits: Vendre des fruits sales
18 Food: Mother selling doughnuts at school Aliments: Vendre des aliments sales
19 Vomiting and sore stomach Avoir mal à l’estomac et vomir
20 School children  with diarrhoea Un enfant qui a la diarrhée



21 Mother covering food on table with fly net Couvrez la nourriture avec un filet de mouche
22 Mother washing hands with soap Lave les mains avec de l’eau et du savon
23 School children washing hands with soap Les enfants se lavent les mains avec du savon
24 Father  washing hands with soap Un papa se lave les mains
25 Eat in a clean place, not on the floor Installe-toi dans un endroit propre pour manger, pas sur terre
26 Use of  covered latrine Utilise une toilette couverte
27 Washing plates straight after eating Lave les assiettes après le repas
28 Reheat food before eating Fais chauffer les restes avand de manger
29 Eating food when it is hot Mange des aliments chauds
30 Drinking clean water Bois de l’eau proper
31 Good storage of water Mets l’eau dans un recipient propre
32 Washing fruit before eating Lave les fruits avant de les manger
33 Peeling fruit before eating Epluche les fruits avant de les manger
34 Put all rubbish in a closed bin Jette les déchets dans une poubelle appropriée