Description of the Topic

Dehydration consists of 11 cards showing how to make Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) using a pre-made packet brought from a chemist of clinic. N.B. It does not include the home made Sugar Salt Solution (SSS) as yet, as instructions on how to do this  vary according to country.


How to use Card set  6.c. ‘Dehydration’ 

  1. A participant holds up the card to the audience and describes the symptoms of dehydration and the process of making ORS
  2. It should be accompanied by a practical demonstration on how to make ORS using locally sourced products.

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ENGLISH                                                                                             FRENCH

1 Infant with dehydration, loose skin, fontanel depressed, cracked dry lips Nourrisson avec déshydratation, peau lâche, Fontanelle déprimé, lèvres sèches fissurées
2 Mother must keep her breast clean when breast feeding baby Mère se lavant la poitrine avec du savon
3 Mother must keep breastfeeding baby as much as possible Mère doit garder bébé allaiter autant que possible
4 Boil water for 6 minutes Faire bouillir l’eau pendant 6 minutes
5 Measure 1 litre of boiled water in a bottle Mesurez 1 litre d’eau dans une bouteille
6 Dissolve the packet of SRO in bottle Dissoudre le paquet de SRO en bouteille
7 Feed the baby little by little, a few spoons of SRO every  15 minutes Nourrissez le bébé petit à petit quelques cuillères d’SRO toutes les 30 minutes
8 Discard any SRO which remains and make fresh SRO the next day Jetez tout SRO qui reste et faire frais SRO le lendemain
9 Mother looking after baby carefully La mère doit garder l’allaitement bébé
10 Mother feeding the baby rice water Bébé alimentant de mère eau de riz
11 If baby still has diarrhoea after  24 hours go to get medical help quickly Si la diarrhée se poursuit plus d’une journée prendre bébé pour vérifier à une clinique
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