5 million reached over radio to promote high vaccination coverage

To increase the vaccinated coverage in Masvingo, Bulawayo and Manicaland, Africa AHEAD has been conducting radio broadcasts with messages to encourage people to get vaccinated, and phone in programmes to enable listeners to have their concerns answered. We also conducted a ‘barrier analysis’ to establish the most important enablers that are likely to foster appropriate action amongst the target group’s behavior towards the uptake of COVID 19 vaccines. This research is supported by the COVID-19 Hygiene Hub (hosted by London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine). Action Contra la Faim is  using a community perception tracker (CPT), a mobile tool to capture, analyse and understand the perceptions of communities during disease outbreaks. Africa AHEAD translated these findings into amusing short ‘skits’ which were acted out by well known local artists and recorded on video  in different languages for the three areas. These productions  have been posted online  and has attracted  235,351 viewers through YouTube and Facebook. On the ground we are still using medieval techniques of Road Shows which provide communities with live entertainment and information using loud hailers on a mobile truck which goes from town to town. In a series of workshop Africa AHEAD has trained 425 community health workers and 236 staff from health care facilities to create awareness and encourage vaccination in their areas. It is estimated that we have reached around 5 million listeners in this way, and we hope it has contributed to the high coverage in Bulawayo where our team was most active.