2015 Annual Report

With the international endorsement of the Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, we expect that the holistic CHC development model used by Africa AHEAD may become one of the most practical ways of meeting a range of development objectives.

We now have established two hubs in East and Southern Africa managed by Country Directors, Mr. Joseph Katabarwa in Rwanda and Mr. Regis Matimati in Zimbabwe. Both Directors have long experience with the CHC approach and have shown a strong commitment to community development. As they take our organisation forward to the next stage, we plan to build strong teams under them as we scale up our activities  providing training internationally .

This year has been one of consolidation of the various wings of the organisation under the UK registered Charity and ensuring international standards with an online accounting system which is being  controlled by our new Finance Manager in the UK.

By the end of 2015  our new monitoring website was operating as a CHC registry with a standardized tool for assessing behavior change using cell phones to collect household data.  This promises to be a useful tool in the future to attract partners, and we are currently in consultation with CoWater, ADRA  and GHH for long term partnerships.  www.chcahead.org