2011 National Sanitation Week Commemorations Proposed for Masvingo

19th July, 2011.
To Masvingo Municipality
Dear Sir,
Its been a while since ZimAHEAD left Masvingo and I know the CHCs are
still fired up and  functional in waste management and public health

I don't know if you are aware that Zimbabwe Sanitation Week will be
commemorated in your city owing to your outstanding accomplishments
with the Community Health Clubs you initiated with us in your city.
The outcomes surprised the whole country and everyone would like to
hear from you how you achieved such feats and they would like to
celebrate and launch the national sanitation week with you and your
residents as a learning point for other cities on how Councils can
collaborate with residents on sanitation, health and  hygiene as well
as waste management.

I have attached a memoir from the NCU that makes an interesting read
and mentions your city as the venue for the September commemoration.
It will be a big gathering attended by Zimbabwe's who is who and its
an opportunity for your city to bask in the limelight.

Director of Programmes,
Zimbabwe AHEAD
Regis Matimati

A talk of sanitation and hygiene is not complete without a mention of Participatory Health and Hygiene Education (PHHE) and its widely talked of vehicle the Community Health Club Approach. This therefore means that, “the only way the sector can rebuilt back better is through directing and redirecting resources and efforts towards hygiene promotion issues” „..….kungofunga kwanguwo!!’. The Community Health Club Approach is going to form centre stage to this year?s sanitation week which runs on the theme “Consolidating our national pride through Safe Dignified Sanitation and Hygiene”. This is a follow-up to last year?s commemorations that were held in Beitbridge, Matabeleland South Province on the theme, “Zero Tolerance to Open Defecation: Key to a Cholera Free Environment”
This year’s commemorations proposed for Mucheke-Masvingo seeks to explore how Health Clubs in this old location are being used as a vehicle to improve sanitation and hygiene delivery in and around the area.