Sanitation ZOD Topic

Description of the Topic


Sanitation-ZOD is a sample of 20 diseases which are found in most parts of Africa. The cards are used to help prompt participants  to discuss some of the health challenges they may face, with the objective of understanding that many diseases are preventable.


How to use Card set  2.a. ‘Common Diseases’ 

This set can be used in three ways:

  1. A participant holds up the card to the audience and describes what she thinks is wrong with the person
  2. They can be used in a role play to find out what people think can cure a disease and if it is preventable. whereby the participant comes to a clinic and acts out what is the matter to a nurse, who then diagnoses the disease and offers her advice on how to cure the disease.
  3.  The cards can be used to find out what people think causes disease by showing a disease from 2.a  and ten asking them to select a cause (or a way to cure it) from 2.b.

Link to the Facilitator instructions for the topic

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