Building Resilience in Chipinge Town

Name of programme: Building Urban Resilience in Chipinge Town

Details of Programme:

Donor: Unicef
Districts: Gwanda Urban
Start Date: July 2019
End Date: March 2020
CHC: 14
CHC Members: 272 (93% women)
Project personnel : 7
Vehicles: 3

Objective of Programme:

To strengthen the Chipinge urban initiatives, through training of the communities in financial literacy and marketing in order to contribute to sustainable operation of their livelihood activities, as well as further strengthen WASH led economic activities, through establishment of water kiosks, and pay toilets which are manned and operated by Health Clubs in partnership with urban local authorities.

Achievements to Date:

Result 1:
Immediate improvements in urban environment to build practical evidence of access to basic public services, employment, livelihoods opportunities for youth in underserved urban areas improved.
Result 2:
Responding to the Cyclone IDAI effect in urban Chipinge
• 2 Water Repair Kit provided to the local authority.
• 1 Road Show conducted including sign language on Cholera Prevention
• 5 Operatives trained on Operation and Maintenance of pumps.
• 15 Water Point Management Committees trained in maintenance

Training on Effective responsive service delivery and customer care
Training was conducted over a period of 2 days. The target group was the WASH Local Authori-ty personnel on middle management and representative from the people with disabilities.
U reporting – Web based reporting system on WASH service delivery was provided for users.
Refurbishment of Public Toilets
Four public toilets are being constructed and will be managed by the CHC in each town (see above)
LED Workshop with Youth, Women in CHC: A one day workshop was conducted through the assistance from Boost district officer. The attendees were drawn from the women in CHCs, youth in CHCs, Private Sector, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Municipality of Gwanda, Zim-babwe Sunshine Group and Environmental Management Agency. It was realized that there was a lot of opportunities from using waste products for making a living including providing employ-ment opportunities for the Gwanda communities. This will be followed up applying some of the training in Street Business at a recent training in Uganda.
in Chipinge & Gwanda Towns

4 public toilets constructed in Gwanda & Chipingi Towns
Clean up Days
Community Health Clubs are doing monthly clean-up campaigns with the town now becoming much less polluted with trash, and awareness of the need for better management of waste being understood by residents. All equipment was supplied by the project to the CHCs.

• 15 water points with water quality assessment conducted.
• Local Authority staff and 6 CHC members were trained on water quality monitoring.
• 15 boreholes repaired and installed with inline chlorinators