More Disaster for Zimbabwe as Cyclone makes Thousands Homeless

The Cyclone IDAI induced storm that caused heavy winds, flooding and landslides has caused devastating effects on the mostly Chimanimani district and other surrounding areas of Manicaland province.  Reports have it that a total of 98 deaths have occurred and at least 217 people are reportedly missing, 42 people are still marooned in other area waiting for rescue efforts to be provided to them. Other reports are saying the death toll is expected to rise as authorities continued to assess the situation.

Crops have been destroyed due to the cyclone effects and the communities are in dire need of humanitarian assistance. Infrastructure including water supply infrastructure have been greatly affected, houses have been destroyed hence most communities will have to be relocated to areas where limited access to food and other social service provisions.

Schools in the district has been greatly affected with St Charles Lawanga being the most affected as it lost 2 pupils and a guard due to cyclone induced mudslides and rock falls. Unconfirmed number of health facilities has been destroyed by the cyclone flooding effect.  The population in Chimanimani is therefore in great need of humanitarian assistance in a number of aspects to ensure that they better cope with the disaster that has affected them.

Africa AHEAD is not new to Chimanimani since it has implemented a USAID funded Cholera Mitigation one year project through Community Health Club activities from the October 2012 to September 2013 in wards 13, 16, 21, 22 and 23. Africa AHEAD established 84 CHCs with a total membership of 1787 (6,137 females and 1050 males). The achievements reported  to the project were community initiated construction of temporary and permanent latrines, establishment of hand- washing facilities (tippy- taps) and pot racks and general family, home and personal hygiene practices among the targeted population with enhanced promotion of model homesteads (with all the hygiene enabling facilities available and hygienic kitchens).

Africa AHEAD is seeking support from Agencies in Disaster relief to assist in the effort to help stranded and suffering families. Please contact the HQ in Harare if yu can support.