2015 PHASA

CONFERENCE: PUblic Health Association of South Africa

VENUE: Elangeni Hotel, Durban

YEAR: 2015

AUTHORS: Waterkeyn, J. 

TITLE: Putting Women at the  Center of Development and Achieving Hygiene Behaviour Change

LINK: Common Unity or community


The presentation  provides an insight into the social psychology of the CHC Model providing findings from Zimbabwe and Rwanda where the approach has gone to scale nationwide. Through our method of  empowering women, we demonstrate how well they work together effectively as a group to achieve consensus. This results in most of their homes having safe hygiene and sanitation, potable water,  increased vegetable  growing  and food preservation, less , deforestation averted and 80% of common diseases averted. This proven model of development uses voluntary village structures known as Community Health Clubs (CHCs) as a vehicle for development enabling villages to take control of their health through AHEAD Applied Health Education and Development. This seminar provides an opportunity for debate as to whether this Model is replicable at scale as we seek practical ways to Fight Poverty post 2015 by securing access to energy, food and water.