Module 1: Introduction to the Community Health Club Approach

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Module 1:

 Introduction to the Community Health Club Approach

Web conferencing details provided upon confirmation.

Access: An online training course conducted virtually through Zoom

Summary of Training: An introductory course for those interested in starting a Community Health Club Project but who first want to understand more about why the CHC method ‘works’.


  1. What makes people change?
  2.  Common Unity or community?
  3.  Integrated Development through AHEAD
  4.  Community Health club Membership
  5. Expected Outcomes from a CHC Project

Target Participant: Project planners and managers / students and interns in NGOs

Required facilities for participants:

  • Individual email account
  • Reliable connectivity for Zoom
  • Computer with video and audio

Language of training: English

Duration: 4 consecutive Wednesdays in January 2023 (4th, 11th, 18th, 25th)

Number of sessions: 4 sessions

Duration of each session: 3 hours

Facilitator: CHC Founder – Director of Research and Training, Dr. Juliet Waterkeyn


  • Payment: full payment in advance
  • Cancellation: No refund for incomplete or late attendance
  • Training Materials: Powerpoint pdf and Zoom recording available to participants
  • Intellectual Property:  (Creative Commons) Presentations can be shared with acknowledgement but not changed without permission of Africa AHEAD
  • Visual Aids and facilitator Guidelines remain the IP of Africa AHEAD and AA logo must be retained.
  • Visual Aids may be copied and used for training in a CHC project, but not be printed and sold for commercial purposes, nor made available on other websites.
  • Completion: No access to materials / recordings once course date is expired
  • Sharing of Screens: No reduction for participants who may share screens.
  • Certification: Only those who attend ALL sessions on Zoom will receive certificates in a pdf for each organisation and can apply online.

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Part 1.1. a. What is a Functional Community

Recommended Reading: Peer reviewed paper

Waterkeyn, JA and Waterkeyn, AJ. (2013)

Creating a culture of health: hygiene behaviour change in community health clubs through knowledge and positive peer pressure.

Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development  Vol 3 No 2. 144–155.