Description of the Training

This topic provides 16 images of showing issues related to spreading skin diseases such as scabies and ringworm. The cards are used to help prompt participants  to discuss some of the ways that people should keep themselves clean, and protect themselves from getting skin diseases with the objective of understanding that skin  diseases can be prevented by regular washing and avoiding sharing clothes, bedclothes and contact with infected people.

How to use Card Set  4. ‘Skin Disease’ 

This set can be used in three ways:

  1. A participant holds up the card to the audience and describes what she thinks is right or wrong with the image
  2. The images  can be sorted into three groups of good, average and bad practices
  3.  The cards can be used to block the route of a  skin disease by showing a  card depicting the disease and then asking them to select a card which could prevent this disease from Card Set 4.


Facilitator instructions for the topic

Click here for instructions in English  5.Skin Diseases_English

Click here  for instructions in French  5. Maladies de la Peau-french

1. A girl with scabies
5. Sleeping in the same bedding
9. Sharing water to wash hands
13. Shaking hands dry
2. Boy with ringworm
6. Infected child in separate bedding
10. Pour to waste hand washing method
14. Mother washing clothes
3. Two children sharing the same clothes
7. Shaking hands
11. Using a Tippy Tap
15. Mother washing blankets
4. Two children with their own clothes
8. Children playing together
12. Drying hands with a shared towel
16. Mother applying lotion to child


ENGLISH                                                                            FRENCH

1A girl with scabiesUne fille atteinte de la gale
2A boy with ring wormUn garcon attaint de la teigne
3Sharing clothesDeux enfants qui échangent des vêtements
4Two children each wear  their own clothesDeux enfants qui ne se prêtent pas les
vêtements entre eux
5Sleeping in the same beddingDormir dans un meme lit
6Sleeping in separate beddingDormir séparément
7Shaking handsSe donner la main
8Playing togetherJouer emsemble
9Sharing water to wash handsSe laver les mains ensemble dans l’eau
10Pour to waste hand washingVerser de l’eau à l’autre
11Use a hand washing facilityUtilise un ‘Canacla’ fabriqué  a la maison
12Sharing towel to dry handsUtiliser un meme torchon pour essuyer les mains
13Shaking hands drySecher les en les secouant
14Mother washing clothesUne femme qui lave le linge
15Mother washing blanketsUne femme qui sèche la literie
16Mother applying lotion to childUne femme  enduit de pomade le corps  de l’enfant

Facilitator instructions for Skin Disease (Rural) in English:

Rural Skin Disease Facilitator Instructions