Malawi visits Zimbabwe on look and learn tour

Mr Tablespoon Chirambo and Ivanne Pablo from Development Technologies Training Centre in Mzuzu Malawi visited Zimbabwe on a look and learn tour of CHCs. Africa AHEAD team of Board Chair Dr Juliet Waterkeyn , Executive Director Regis Matimati and MEAL Manager Witness Nkomo took the visiting Malawi trio to Mwenezi and Chiredzi to see the CHCs in action. On arrival in Mwenezi the team were entertained to public health promotion themed songs by 2 CHCs.  A CHC session was conducted by the AA Project Officer Canaan Makusha as a demonstration of the CHC activities using the public health promotion tool kit. At the end f the session the club members made commitments on wht home improvements they would do when they returned home. An interesting demonstration of community based monitoring was shown where the village map was drawn on the ground and each of the households spotted on the map with different hygiene enabling facilities.  Some house had no toilets, some had different infrastructure set up as a result of the club activities. Each member was then asked to stand on the map at the position of their home. This practice would spare the lacking member to prioritize the setting up of the missing infrastructure. Withing the same period all households would match up and have the minimum health requirements set up at the home to match up with their neighbors. This positive peer pressure and role modeling is what is needed to ensure blanket WASH improvements in the village to ensure a literal preventive  “wall” is ensured for the village should a disease outbreak occur in the community.