COVID 19 Preparedness and Response

In response to the Covid 19 pandemic, Africa AHEAD is being  supported in Zimbabwe by UNICEF for implementing a programme entitled  ‘Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) measures against the novel Corona virus’, in partnership with Moriti oa Sechaba.

Activities are currently being implemented to improve awareness of safe hygiene and sanitation practices, with a focus on participatory health and hygiene education  in high risk communities (bus terminus, churches, marketplaces, other public places, etc.) in ten suburbs of the capital of Harare ( Chitungwiza, Mbare, Hopley, Mufakose, Warren Park, Glenorah/Southlea Park, Belvedere, Hatcliffe and Dzivarasekwa), as well as the two cities of Mutare and Bulawayo  and two smaller towns of Plumtree and Chipinge with the target to reach a quarteer of a million people.

We are  conducting street hailing public health promotion campaigns and distributing  5,000 WASH hygiene kits in Harare. We are to revive 40 of the  Community Heath Clubs that we have started in these areas and train another 200 Community Health Worker/volunteers to scale up this community involvement.

We will be disseminating  key health and hygiene messaging on COVID-19 and diarrheal diseases,  and rehabilitation  of WASH infrastructure for 10 Health Care Facilities, supporting them with  disinfectant/cleaning kit, 100 bucket hand washing stands at public places. The project is manned by 14 Africa AHEAD staff members and is valued at USD 369,021 at  an estimated cost of US$1.47 each.