Cholera breaks out in Zimbabwe

Cholera breaks out in Harare, and  continues to spread.
By 18 September 2018, there have been a total of 543 cases were reported from Harare City of which 102 were new cases while the others were identified retrospectively. No new case was reported from other parts of the country.
Cumulatively, 4607 cases including 38 deaths (case fatality ratio 0.8%) have been reported since the start of the outbreak. Please share this inyformation onwards with anyone from Zimbabwe.

Africa AHEAD has teamed up with ACF to implement an emergency public health programme to combat the spread. All our field staff have been roped in to help spread awareness to travellers in buses to ensure they wash their hands as they leave the bus, in an effort to stop the virus which is spread by fecal contact through eating with dirty hands or drinking ecoli contaminated water.

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