World Vision: Report on CBEHPP in 10 districts

A presentation by Julius Othello at the 3rd CBEHPP Workshop

26th May 2017

World Vision is a huge Christian NGO which has been in Rwanda since the genocide in 1994 and was now working in 22 out of 30 districts with an annual budget of 4.3 million dollars in the previous year.

Would they be likely to mess around with a methodology like  the CHC Model if they believed CBEHPP showed little impact? They were doing CBEHPP in 10 Districts, had trained 53 EHOs, and 2,256 facilitators, created 720 CHCs with almost 56,000 members and 300,000 beneficiaries. They could tell us for a fact that the CHC members had constructed 60,680 latrines providing access to safe sanitation for 298,965 people. One got the impression their figures were accurate down to the last pit latrine. At present, they had 166 CHCs ongoing and 586 CHC which had graduated already. They assured us the 70% of CHC were running tontines (savings groups) and other economic activities. They recommended this aspect to be included in all CHCs. They said that EHOS should not have to monitor more than 30 CHCs each and that it was imperative to involve village leaders. If the RCT had been held in their area, and they had been told they had had not effect World Vision would certainly have had the budget to take IPA to court for misrepresentation of their achievements.

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