New website for registering CHCs

Africa AHEAD is committed to providing an institutional memory of any projects in Africa using Community Health Clubs. In order to coordinate an online community of partners who use this approach we have for the past year been supported by the Gates Foundation  to develop a website which will enable the  Ministry of Health real time monitoring of all activities in CHCs  in Rwanda, –  the first country to pioneer this approach to community led monitoring.  The following 3 minute video can be watched to provide an overview.

What can this website be used for?

  1. Provide a central data base, so ensuring institutional memory within each country.
  2. Enable users to connect directly to every CHC in the country
  3. Provide basic demographic information about every village and every CHC in the country
  4. Avoid unnecessary duplication and thus save scarce resources.
  5. Enable organisations to build on past projects, even if they were not the original implementing organisation.
  6. Provide a standardized tool which can be used by all partners to enable accurate comparative data on facilities and hygiene behaviour, monitored over time
  7. Provide visibility for CHC activities with a view to attracting additional funds for new projects
  8. Enable verification of achievements through photographic and information approved by district authorities
  9. Enable Ministry of Health an overview and direct monitoring of all initiatives by implementing partners in the country
  10. Provide implementing organisations with reliable data for planning purposes

Why should you register your CHCs on this website?

By registering your CHCs you will contribute to the coordination of development initiatives in your country, so ensuring that there is less duplication of initiatives in a village and less wastage of resources.

Who will have access to my information?

Each country has an administrator who provides user name and password to all organisations who are wanting to register their CHCs.

Each organisation will request as many users as needed per country. Each user will be give an appropriate level of permission:

One Advanced User per Organisation may read, upload and edit others information.

Medium Users are able to read as well as upload and edit their own data

Basic users are able to read but not upload data

Confidentiality is assured by user password levels of permission. Your information will only be available users for your district and your organisation  and any stakeholders associated with your own programme with whom you want to share information. The country website coordinator for each country is the Ministry of Health National Monitoring Officer. The Super Administrator of the website is Africa AHEAD.