Community Health Clubs in Haiti


Jason Rosenfeld volunteered for Africa AHEAD for a year in 2008, before managing a pilot project for us in Kwa Zulu Natal, and then being posted as a Techincal Advisor to our office in Harare. He is a great supporter of our approach and is now the first to have taken the CHC MOdel to the Caribbean. This is now best practice, is spread : by practitioners who can apply their experiences and adapt it to their own areas. Jason has developed a visual aid tool kit for Haiti and can provide training  this side of the Atlantic.

Extracted from his blog:

This summer, a team of graduate student researchers from Yale University and the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, spent 2 months in Haiti evaluating our Community Health Clubs in Port au Prince. The preliminary results of this evaluation were presented at the 2014 UNC Water and Health Conference in October; the poster we presented is available here: RosenfeldJ_UNC Poster_Haiti Case Study_2014.

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