New Tool Kit and Manual for training Village Health Workers

Unicef is sponsoring the development of the Rwanda ToolKit, commissioning Dr Juliet Waterkeyn, the Director-Founder of Africa AHEAD to design this training material. The objective is to ensure that this is a high quality set of training materials for Rwanda printed in colour. As the Ministry of Health is fully committed to using the CHC throughout the countyr the materials will be adapted to suit each of the four different regions, where it will be used.

A a recent tour to start this process, the Ecole d’Art, a secondary school near Gisenyi,  a town in Western Rwanda on Lake Kivu is to start the long task of drawing 400 illustrations.  The 1st draft will be ready by late August when they will be pretested and then coloured by computer programmes, before being used in the start up training in October, 2010.

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